www.NextSTL.com Has the Same Brilliant Idea for same Reasons!

We missed it when originally posted in Sept. 10, 2015, but this a piece written by Alex Ihnen is well worthy of mention even if 2 years after the fact. NextSTL.com's author's wisdom remains strong in their piece: "It's Time to Steal the Indy Cultural Trail".  The root of this article contains many of the same elements that drove ConnectOurCore.org into creation in 2013 - seeking to encourage Louisville Metro Area (So. Indiana too) to embrace many of the core community connectivity concepts and implementation methods of Indy's Cultural Trail. 

Perhaps the greatest nugget relayed in the NextSTL.com piece by Alex Ihnen includes the celebration of Indy Cultural Trail's well-considered path and the assets and areas that are linked by the rights of way chosen. Ihnen hits the nail on the head: 

"The route takes the path of least resistance, and so the path of least positive impact. To leverage assets like the Cultural Trail, the Loop would need to run on Lindell and Grand, or least on Duncan through Cortex.  Here’s what’s missing: the investment in St. Louis is being spent in out-of-the-way places, next to Interstate highways, along old rail lines in residential areas, on side streets and empty land on the edges of successful development, and not as a part of it, in the middle of it, where people want to go. We’re not capitalizing on our investment."

Stealing an idea from Indy remains the best advice for a high ROI effort to maximize Quality of Life for minimum price.  If we Steal the Indy Cultural Trail in Louisville we too could recognize monumental gains for minimum investment.